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I am what we call “the second-generation president” and I have done many different works before I take this business.My career started from manual labor at a gravestone company. I short time later I headed straight for the University in USA via service business at a U.S. military base in Japan.After coming back from study abroad, I took position at a business hardware developing company, introducing me to LSI’s language design company.After that, I experienced many challenges and daily successes a rapture and frustrations over every day.Meanwhile, the thing that supported me was the strong bonds of trust and respect between people.Over my career, I experienced many different businesses, therefore I owe what I am to my bosses, colleagues and friends. I still have a connection with people who I met at that time and they are my treasures.

President    Koichiro Nakahara

About us


Firm Name TEC.Co.Ltd.
Foundation October, 1969
Found Ten million yen
Location 38-8, Takakura, Hachioji, Tokyo
Our Bank The Tama Shinkin Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporaton



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October, 1969 Established TEC Co., Ltd in Nakano, Hachioji.
Started working as an electronic equipment design and production company.
March, 1972 Developmental relocation to Owa, Hachioji.
December, 1981 Relocate with our new building in present location.
January, 1984 Introduced CAD(CR2000) system.
June, 1984 Conversion to stock company.
October, 1985 Introduced CAD (UART) system.
December, 1988 Introduced CAD (DK-1) system.
August, 1991 Introduced CAD (CR3000) system.
August, 1998 Introduced CAD (CR5000) system.
January, 2002 Started a circuit design business.
August, 2009 Introduced CAD (CR5000 Board Designer) system.Introduced transmission line simulator (Lightning).
December, 2012 Introduced CAD (CR8000 Design Force) system.
January, 2016 Introduced CAD (CR8000 Design Gateway) system.